Sunday, April 23, 2006
Stupidity Irks Me
Although this blog doesn't mention much about Motherhood, it is kept by a "Mom who Blogs". I absolutely love her sense of humor towards the everyday "Darwin Award Winning" news-makers. You know the type, the kind that never ever employ the Common Sisters: "Common Sense and Common Courtesy."

The template is simple, vanilla in flavor - yet light, easy to read. It perhaps could use a little graphic here and there and a eye-catching but not eye-bugging script of sorts to give it a little umph. Then again, I'm left to wonder, "How does one graphically depict another's stupidity?" Very carefully I would suggest - as to not look silly yourself. (As I do for example - but I'm certifiably crazy, no excuses for me to make in that department!)

Overall, the creative - fun and enlightening writing of this Mom makes this Blog a sure winner. Too often, our daily news is full of grief, sadness and strife. Being able to look at things in an entertaining light and not give up hope for all humanity - but instead to share, as this Mom does. Is worthy of a Mix-Pix Award!

Congratulations! -Mix
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