Wednesday, May 31, 2006
This Dad Blogs
"One Wife, Four Daughters, one bathroom. That says all."

Meet "This Dad Blogs" the husband of one of our favorite Mother's Day Bloggers and this Daddy has us rolling out of our chairs with his quick witted humor, insights and musings. He's fantastic!

Surrounded by four girls and his wife, this Dad manages to come out of the trenches and shout back in to the gas cloud of estrogen that permeates his home. Although sometimes subtly by busting a stinky fart, leaving socks strewn on the floor or crumbs on the counter. Often loudly by declaring his love and pride for his wonderful family.

His template is clean and I can imagine Dad on the beach buried in sand castles as he enjoys his family time together with his wife and kids. I can also imagine him sneaking a peek now and then at the hotties in thongs walking by now and again, but we don't want to get him into any trouble now, do we?

A great and hilarious blog to be enjoyed by Mom's and Dad's alike. Great Blogging Dad! -Mix
posted by Margaret @ 11:28 AM  
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