Saturday, May 20, 2006
My Daughter's Heroes

The following story was submitted to me by a proud Mom.

"You may be wondering what you are looking at. This is a wall my daughter started when she was 14, I believe. Those are pictures of our military men and women.

It all began when the war started and I walked into her bedroom to find a small picture cut from the paper taped to her wall. She said "Mommy I hope you don't mind, but this way I can remember to pray for his family" wow, mind, i surely didn't mind tape on the walls for this. well this grew and grew until it covered 2 complete walls and part of a third. She gave up her room willingly for her little brother to have more room for his growing boy toys. She kept her photos and one day wants to scrapbook the meantime there has been many times of prayer for these families..I am so proud of her and found this picture to share..Please remember to keep our men and women in your prayers..God has a purpose for all of this hurt and one day we will see His glory in it. Honor them for they are our heroes. God bless them each and every one

Thank you Mom for sharing this touching story of your Daughter's Heroes. I was so deeply moved and I know for certain the many soldiers, their families and others who come across this site will be blessed. Happy Memorial Day and be sure to give your daughter a great big hug from all of us!

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