Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Dispatches by Matthew D. LaPlante
This blog is by Matthew D. LaPlante, a military and homeland security reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune. He and photographer Rick Egan traveled to Iraq in September and October of 2005 on a quest to bring the voices of our troops home to their home-state of Utah.

While sharing with us the stories, concerns and hopes of these brave men and women, Mr. LaPlante soon found himself reporting from a Memorial Service held at Camp Ramadi in the Mess Hall. This reporter brilliantly brings home the reality of war. Returning home he decides, this blog will not end there;

"Each day, in these war zones, is a new story. Each moment a new tale. For those at home, the agonizing moments that pass are no less compelling. No less important.
And in these stories is this promise: That war will not be so distant, so easy to ignore, so easy to forget

This blog continues to share the stories of soldiers and communities who gather together to welcome home their heroes and to support the families of the fallen. Although this blog is focused on the troops who serve in various branches of armed services in Utah; there are carbon copies of these memoirs in every state across our great nation.

A must-read blog so beautifully and professionally written with amazing awe inspiring photography; that referring to it as a blog seems almost insulting. This wonderful work should be printed and published in a hardbound book form and sitting on coffee tables everywhere. Thank you Mr. LaPlante, for the opportunity to mention your amazing efforts here at Mix-Pix Awards. -Mix
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