Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Now and Then
Today's Mom has been on the move. Spending much of her life in South Africa, five years in the US and now laying her head in England she's well cultured, well versed and an incredible writer. I love the English Accent of South Africans and other various places and although this Mom may not realize it... her accent comes through in her writing and it's absolutely charming.

She began blogging as a way to keep in touch with friends in South Africa but found blogging to be a wonderful outlet to let off steam and to free her mind's concerns. Blogging since 2003 she has found that like a journal - she enjoys reading back through her entries and finding herself amazed how much her life has changed.

The template is a simple white, which by now many of you know that I like. It gives off that clean, fresh piece of paper feeling. Like fresh white sheets smelling April Fresh. My only yipe about the design would be how the Blogger header chops the title in half. Try putting a break code (br) directly under the (body) tag in your template. If that's not enough add another or a few (p)'s. Either or should pull that down some for you. If not, maybe a Banner/Header graphic with a high top would slip in quite nicely.

However, this Mom's writing is so much fun. Now with two teenagers there is never a dull moment and each tomorrow brings with it new challenges to face. She juggles her responsibilities with grace despite another ball or two getting thrown into the act. She's full of life, vigor and spots the rays of light even on the dreariest of days. For this, a certain "Mix Pix Award". Happy Mother's Day! -Mix

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