Friday, April 28, 2006
Demented Kisses
WARNING: This next Blog contains explicits and WILL offend someone.

Before anyone pounds me over this one, take off the Soccer Mom Sweater and hear me out for a moment.

In today's diverse society Mothers come in a variety of flavors. You don't have to acquire a license, a diploma or have a clean bill of health; physically or mentally. All that is required to be defined as a Mother - is a child.

I've mentioned "reality" in previous reviews and on this site - reality takes a different turn. Alcoholics can be and have become Mothers. Children can be and have become Alcoholics.

This Mom is documenting the struggle.

Why give her a "Mix Pix Award" you ask?

The answer is simple... I prayed last night. While doing so I was convicted of my own shortcomings. You know, those things that nobody else knows about because we never speak them. Such as my own angry thoughts during those rare times when I see my daughter as an inconvenience instead of the precious and beautiful miracle that I was blessed with.

I didn't feel guilty long, for soon I felt the heavenly hugs of an Angel's wings as my daughter came looking for me, wondering where I had gone off to. She loves me and I really do love her.

The "Mix Pix Award" is because I believe. I believe this Mom will conquer her struggles and guide many Mothers out of their own dark valleys by someday sharing the freedom that love and forgiveness can bring.

I believe in her children also, for their hugs will set her free. -Mix
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