Wednesday, April 26, 2006
This Mom Blogs!
Whoever says that "Mom's who Blog" can't be cool - are missing the boat! With four kids and a set of twins to boot, this Mom has it going on and this blog is her outlet.

All too often I have seen Mom's who loose themselves and their identity in the everyday hustle and bustle of running a household and raising children. Not this Mom, she knows who she is, knows what she wants and is not afraid to be herself, let her hair down and have some fun. I love it!

Her template screams sexy and as a Mom myself about to turn 39 - sexy is in! (Well okay, I decided to raise our daughter to be a plastic surgeon so she can someday fix what pregnancy did to her Mommy for free - but that's in another 30 years from now.) The red, satin texture of the graphics keep her Hubby shouting "Hubba-Hubba" for mercy while at the same time letting her kids know, she's the coolest Mom on the block.

Amazing! Dashing! Fun! Amusing! This Mom's writing style is sure to keep you in stitches and busting your buttons. Speaking of which... This Mom Blog is worthy of a Mix-Pix Button!

Wonderful work! -Mix
posted by Margaret @ 4:46 PM  
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