Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Lory's Blog
For our next pick for "Mom's who Blog" take a peek at Lory's Blog. Her writing is so colorful and detailed and if you are a Mom who blogs - you can relate on how her days have been going.

"There's a bee in the house" and I can sense the concerns of this Mom and can hear the little voices questioning about the biology of a bee. I can also sense the awe and sensation when Dad comes in and smushes the poor bee to oblivion. Dad's a hero, of course - but don't tell the bee that!

On the questions that kids ask to the "Mommy reward" of a sidewalk chalk drawing, this Mommy does rule!

Although only acquainted a year to the world of blogging, this Mom has what it takes to write. Her template is a simple Blogger-design but from the looks of her daughters sidewalk drawings - there is a "graphic artist in the making" here folks! For the way she encourages her children and centers them in her life and actions, this Mom is everything she's "chalked" up to be.

Way to go Lory! -Mix
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