Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Overactive Imagination
Wow! Here's a proud Mom of 2 beautiful daughters painting up the Blogosphere with encouraging words! Another terrific writer and "Mom who Blogs" The pictures that she has shared of her daughter's recent wedding are gorgeous and I can only imagine how wonderful the wedding was for everyone.

Recently divorced and hauling it on her own and in her own style, this Mom has a great strength that is contagious. Her posts and archives share her thoughts, imagination and awkward moments. This sharing allows other women, in similar positions to build up encouragement and confidence. No matter how bad things may seem or get - you can overcome and be happy and content.

Another "Lighthouse" Blogger Template Freebie design. It is a pretty design for a Blogger Freebie but I feel that it fails to express this Mom's "go-get-em" attitude and happiness. I'd suggest for her to save her "sidebar goodies aside" and try out a new more colorful Blogger Design. There are many at the Blogger Site or take a look at these free template designs.

The only other part I would consider changing would be the Blog's Title, "Overactive Imagination".... it sends off the wrong kind of vibe. If available, try "Imagine" alone - for you're definitely a Mom who in John Lennon's words, can "Imagine" the very best for everyone who crosses your path, including yourself. A great example to your two young daughters and therefore worthy of today's "Mix Pix Award"!

Congratulations! -Mix
posted by Margaret @ 12:34 PM  
  • At 3:28 PM, Blogger overactive-imagination said…

    Thanks so much Margie. That's very sweet of you. I'm honored. I will be contacting you to get some insight into how to make these changes.
    Thanks again!

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