Sunday, April 30, 2006
Hip Momma
I love this Mom's blog design. It's mellow, funky and feminine. Most of all, just like it's title suggests it is "Hip" and this Momma's got it all going on.

As a single Mother who is working, going to school and trying to keep it all together she suggests she's a terrible blogger. I'm amazed she even finds any time at all to sign on and rant a few lines. Yet here she is making much needed time for herself and others by sharing her thoughts. Amazing.

My Aunt who was a single mother of two - had explained single motherhood to me like this:

"It's great because you get to grow-up with your kids."

Take it from an ex-kid who had grown-up, know-it-all parents (whom I adore greatly by the way), having a Hip Mom must be the be all end all. The only problematic outlook I can see from a kid's point of view would be the fact that Mom is on the ball and is on to my tricks. From a Mother point of view - that's a great thing.

To this Mom who blogs I present the "Mix Pix Award". I wish I had a Supermom button and a gift certificate for a day at the spa to give away; for this Mom deserves it.

Congratulations Hip Momma. -Mix
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