Saturday, April 29, 2006
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Okay everyone, at the count of three let's all say "Awwwwwww" together.





This Mom Blogs to share her daughter's pictures and progress with family and friends who live out-of-state. Something I'm very familiar with as our closest family member is well over 800 miles away. I better update photos and happenings often or else I'm going to hear about it. What is so wonderful about this, is that our kids aren't just "our kids." They are someone's nieces, nephew, grandchildren and god-children. While our kids mean the world to us, they also brighten up the world of others who love them so dearly.

This Mom's biggest challenge in becoming a new mother is the fact she has returned to work. She's found a new longing for the weekends because she gets to spend more time with her daughter. How can anyone blame her, just look at this adorable cutie-bug!

Yet, at the same time - returning to work has enabled this Mom to keep her own identity and has even added to her vast talents and interests. Scrapbooking just to mention one. I often spend a homesick moment and pull out one of the many boxes or scrapbooks my own Mother had put together many years ago. The memories warm me, the box of school-pictures and artwork remind me that I had a Mom who believed in me. The velvet pull-string bag full of my baby teeth make me wonder what my Mom was thinking when she felt the need to save these knarly little pearls.

Graphically, the blog design is simple - which works great and doesn't distract us from seeing the simple beauty of a new Mom proudly displaying such a cute little button.

Speaking of buttons... a sure "Mix Pix Award" for this week. Thanks Mom for sharing your precious memories. -Mix
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