Tuesday, May 09, 2006
..and baby makes 6!
Of course all Mom's often say their kids are angels - more so while they are sleeping. Although all children are precious and beautiful... this Mom has 3 handsome boys and one little darling Angel. From the sounds of things they even eat their vegetables! We had to cave in a buy a Guinea Pig to encourage how yummy carrot sticks, celery stalks and broccoli can be. It also worked wonders!

This Mom started blogging in 2003 as a way to vent while pregnant with her daughter. She was a basket of nerves during her pregnancy after experiencing 4 previous miscarriages. Blogging was a way to release her fears and journal her joyous memories in pregnancy.

The template is clean, white and very neat. The beautiful soft-edged photo of her Angels adds to display these four adorable gifts from heaven. She's funny, bright and you'll find her writing very enjoyable, as did I.

Being a Mother to four the biggest challenge she faces is figuring out how to spend time fully and equally with each one. I can understand how difficult that can be. Just a suggestion from another Mom that I know with "four kids". Each Saturday of the month she has what they call a "Mommy Date" with one of her four sons. They do a variety of different things, even just running errands and stopping for a ice cream means a whole lot. The other three sons stay with Daddy for those few hours. However, here is the clincher... It's a Mommy Date. So her son must practice chivalry (holding doors open, carrying things, etc.) yet at the same time, she pays full attention to him, his week, his concerns and his dreams. It seems to work wonders.

Overall, this Mom takes the cake - with singing tree-frogs in her house and 3 boys... I'm so happy to see she has a little girl now to help combat the testosterone that must be flying around in her home. LOL! Great blogging Mom! Happy Mother's Day! -Mix
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    Thank u :-) you should look at that emo boy style on this blog:

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