Saturday, May 06, 2006
The Big Yellow House
"Notes from the trenches of motherhood....
... held captive since 1994"

This Mom is a hoot! She has seven children, homeschools all of them and still remains sane! (Well okay, most of the time.) Reading this Mom's everyday happenings is side splitting fun and laughs as she eventually takes the high road of blessings of a day gone by.

Here I am with only one and grumbling over finding 17 raw eggs in the fish aquarium. Wracking my brains wondering when they were dropped in there! This was a new 18 pack minus one... that I later located in my bathtub. What in the name of tarnation goes through the creative minds of our kids these days?

What we do know, is what goes through the mind of a Super Mom here at The Big Yellow House. Never holding back and calling it as she sees it - reading this blog can cheer up your dreariest day.

The Template is clean and GASP! Yellow! A calming pinapple sort of yellow vs. the migraine bring about Caution Sign yellow. She shares lots of pictures, but not that you would need any visual help as this Mom's writing is so colorful.

Happy Birthday Mom and here's a bright shiny "Mix Pix Award" to display with pride. Great job! -Mix
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