Saturday, May 06, 2006
My Kids Are Pigs
Oh my Goodness Gracious! I absolutely love it!

Tired of your kids making a mess and leaving it for you to be their slave? Do you want to laugh/vent/commiserate with others who are in the same boat? Become a contributor by emailing this Mom who Blog's and share your all time messy Kid moments!

This is absolutely fantastic and I wish I had my recent "Eggs in the Fishtank" photographed to share. Never fear... with a 3 year old, I'm bound to have another tragic mess sooner rather than later.

Are you missing utensils from your silverware drawer - look outside in the sandbox!

What is behind your sofa? Do you dare to pull it out and take a picture and share it with the world? If so... here's the place to do it. This is a fabulous idea and blog, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I.

Worthy indeed of a "Mix Pix Award" for creativity and encouraging participation.

Congratulations Mom! -Mix
posted by Margaret @ 10:54 PM  
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