Sunday, May 14, 2006
"For those who have served freedom has a taste the protected will never know."

Here is an amazing blog written by a retired US Army Sergeant Major that honors the brave Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces and its Allies. It offers condolences to the family, friends and comrades of those who gave all.

This blog also has uplifting quotes and notes of encouragement for everyone and you need not have to believe in the current war or know a troop personally to appreciate the patriotic inspiration. Its a sure must read to get us all in the spirit of Memorial Day.

I absolutely love the charming wit of the Man in White; Mark Twain!

This Sergeant Major is on the beat and up to date with "Good News!" stories such as welcoming home a Fallen Hero who has been MIA since 1950. Sharing the comfort, peace and resolution with the families who carried this heavy wonderment for the past 56 years. Embracing the moment that this Hero has finally come home!

This dedication is easy to search and offers many shared links of interest. A delightful template design and just as delightful is the style of writing from the author. Respectfully and with pride he shines the light of the spirit of our brave and wonderful soldiers.

A very enjoyable Blog indeed! Great work Echo9er! -Mix
posted by Margaret @ 11:28 AM  
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