Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Black Belt Mama
Most "karate moms" just do the commute; this one is working towards her black belt. Join Black Belt Mama as she writes about raising her two young daughters in the world we live in now, and how she teaches them everything from ABCs to kata. Also find out the things that really get her gi in a bunch, and about her pursuit of a black belt in both karate and Mommyhood. This karate mom proves it is never too late to learn something new.

This Mom began blogging to document her pursuit of a black belt in karate along with a place to write about raising her two young daughters. From "McNugget Motivation to learning self-defense from a 6-month old - this blog is educational, interesting and a joy to read.

The Template is a pretty green that matches this Mom's current rank in achieving a green belt. I love the black belt banner and how everything so neatly and creatively comes together.

This Mom is original in her blogging, her life and her goals. Karate is not just a way of self-defense but a very solid discipline in patience, behavior, self-esteem and confidence. The perfect traits to hand down to our children. Great work Black Belt Mama! I love your style! -Mix

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