Friday, May 12, 2006
Regular Jo
For our final Mother's Day Award let me introduce you to this wonderful Mom from Texas. A fantastic writer and a Mom, who much like myself - had her children later in life. Her youngest has just entered his teens and turned 13 today so a big Happy Birthday as well as a Mother's Day to this family.

Her template is the standard Blogger issue blue, but I love it and it's simplicity. It is her writing that brings this blog alive and her style. She is absolutely incredible. Her photos help to describe her day and she doesn't have your typical Mom kind of day, so it seems!

Don't worry Mom - Joe Scarborough didn't steal the name of your blog. Personally, after being a Congressmen and a High-profile News reporter on MSNBC - that's not "regular" in my definition. Irregular maybe. LOL!

Over all this Mom is intelligent and although new to blogging - I see much promise in her writing to blow us all away someday soon. Happy Mom's Day to Regular Jo! - Mix

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