Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Chocolate Makes it Better
My first thought after reading the title of this Dad's Blog, was "Whoa there, hold on Nelly! Chocolate is something only women know anything about." However as this blog implies, "When you've got kids, chocolate helps you cope."

As I sit here this afternoon with this review, I can say the same and give praise to afternoon naptime! Now if only I can squeeze in a nap.

This Dad is currently taking a little blogging break and perfectly understandable as blogging alone can be a full-time job. Raising kids also and that is why this is a "Dad Blog" that is a pleasure to read. You'll laugh out loud reading the "The difference between boys and girls" and you'll wince in jealousy after reading what an easy time this Dad is having in the potty training department.

His template is easy on the eyes and the blog easy to navigate. Don't let his profile photo mislead you, this Aussie Dad has admitted that he is going bald at age 27. Never fear Dad, you still own those disappearing hair follicles, they merely moved south to add character and texture to your shoulders, back and butt-cheeks.

Any guesses to what this Dad would like for Father's Day? Besides a Mix-Pix award - I suspect a box of chocolates may do the trick! Happy Dad's Day Fellow Chocoholic! -Mix
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