Sunday, June 25, 2006
My Life in Focus
For our next Photoblog award be sure to visit Alice. A 36-year-old web designer and photographer from Louisville, KY.

"My dad sparked my interest in photography when I was young. When I was growing up, we had a darkroom in the house and I would hang out with my dad as he developed his photos. I remember being fascinated watching the whole process, but my favorite part was watching a blank piece of paper transform into a beautiful photo, as if by magic."

A wonderful beginning that has led to the wonderful and yet magical eyes of this photographer to capture these amazing photos of beauty and awe. From crisp and clear black & whites to color bursting flowers and nature.

"I started this website as a way to inspire myself to take time to do more photography. Rushing through each day, I started to realize there are so many wonderful sights that I often didn't take the time to enjoy. I figured by posting my photos, it would help remind me to slow down and enjoy the view and would also enable me to improve my skills and hopefully become a better photographer."

Be sure to slow down while surfing the blogosphere and stop by to enjoy the views photographed by Alice. -Mix
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