Saturday, June 17, 2006
Cynical Dad
"Proof my children will be using their college funds for therapy."

Here is a fun Daddy blog by not your typical but your Cynical Dad! A SAHD of 2, humorously blogging his thoughts concerning his everyday Daddy experiences. Leaving no thought out but instead letting it all out in his hilarious cynical fashion.

For example this Dad asks regarding Birthday Parties: "Why do we spend so much money on automobiles and car seats with high safety ratings, helmets, and pads for every joint on their body, yet have no problem placing a flaming piece of pastry mere inches from our children's faces?"

He sneaks in "Quickies" while the kids are napping. Meaning a blog posting of course, although I sneak in quickies during Squirt's nap also and blogging has not a thing to do with it. I swear, she is determined to ensure that she remains our only child.

I love your blogging style and thanks for keeping it real. Here's to wishing you a very eventful Father's Day. -Mix
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