Sunday, June 11, 2006
Darth Daddy
"My world turned upside down when I became a dad - and I never realized that it was upside wrong until then."

Meet Darth Daddy a hilarious blog by an equally hilarious Dad - letting off the steam, the laughter and all of the wonders that Fatherhood brings.

The title of this blog even made me chuckle. If my husband and I are blessed to have another child and if it is a boy - his name will be Luke. Why? Because we like the name but Dad really wants to be able to say, "Luke, I am your father." (What a nut!)

This Dad is hilarious, oh but I mentioned that already didn't I? His writings are complimented with many pictures of moments that can't be missed and brings the blog to life. He is also a realist and won't stop to blog only about those special moments but those frustrating moments that fall into every parents life every so often as well. Well - in my situation, sometimes more often than not. But, that is life with a 3 year old for you.

A big hearty thanks Darth Daddy for the laughs this morning. Here's hoping you have a wonderful Father's Day and watch out for that Dive Bombing bird! -Mix
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