Sunday, June 11, 2006
Silly Dad
"A Blog dedicated to the Stay at Home Dad."

We've all heard about Stay at Home Moms yet many seem to have misgivings over the notion of Stay at Home Dads. Don't! Today if you have kids and especially if #5 is on the way - keeping Dad home while Mom heads off to work can be a wise and economical decision. Daycare costs can be excruciating and much of the time the cost is in line with the quality of care given to your children.

Running a household takes teamwork and in itself there are many positions to be filled. Now I'll grant those readers out there who are skeptical one point, that not everyone is fit to be a stay at home parent. This goes for women just as much as it goes for men. Take the popular sitcom "Married with Children" if Peg Bundy was the shoe salesperson and Al remained at home. The entire situation would had been portrayed quite differently. Although I suspect, still a bit dysfunctional for our entertainment purposes.

This Dad's blog provides a guidebook and journal of his efforts and his shining results as an example for anyone who falls into a Stay at Home Parent position. Amazing, this Dad can take his kids out on a fishing trip - it rains, yet they still have a ball as revealed by the pictures of their smiling faces. Here is a great Dad folks and a great wife/mom behind the scenes. Happy Father's Day "Silly Dad!" -Mix
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