Wednesday, June 14, 2006
I'm Not a Slacker
"Notes from a guy who didn't outsource parenting."

For our next Mix-Pix Award allow me to introduce you to our next Dad who blogs. In between fixing his server he is chasing his little guy throughout the house. Hang in there Dad, he'll be right by your side fixing your servers and writing his own code in no time.

In the midst of switching from the crib to Big Boy Bed this Dad is finding out what freedom means to a 2 year old. Two suggestions Dad: 1) A hook & eye latch on his door placed high for your benefit. 2) A webcam set-up in the little guy's room to keep an eye out for him. Sure, it is a tad bit Big Brotherish but I guarantee you'll capture some great footage in the months to come.

Be sure not to miss this Dad's "Dumbass Parent of the Day" submissions.

Congratulations to "I'm Not a Slacker" and here's hoping you have a terrific Dad's Day. -Mix
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