Monday, June 26, 2006
Foot before Foot:: The Photoblog
Here's a delightful find in the blogosphere among photoblogs, "Foot before Foot: The Photoblog by Kwan". Gorgeous detail and an eye for nature's beauty that sometimes finds her instead of the other way around.

A simply delightful closeup of a bird's nest containing four delicate eggs and capturing the details of the different nesting materials used to shelter these soon-to-be hatchlings. I can hardly wait to see if she can capture their birthday!

Speaking of birds, be sure not to miss the amazing shot of a hummingbird! So fast and flighty, yet frozen in time as it sips from her hummingbird feeder. An amazing feat for I can barely catch a glimpse of my visiting hummers let alone a shot as amazing as these.

Be sure to search the archives for treasures hidden in the past. Thank you Kwan for sharing your wonderful stories, outlook and photos. You have uncovered many treasures and it has been a pleasure to review your photoblog. -Mix
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