Thursday, June 29, 2006
Images!! by Norm Potter
"Norm Potter of Lapeer, Michigan is a landscape photographer dealing in both color and black and white images. Norm built his first darkroom in 1960 and has been at it ever since. His images have been published in Newsweek, Life, Colliers, National Geographic and many other publications through the Black Star Agency."

For our next Mix Pix award meet Norm! I've been blessed to be an acquaintance of Norm for a few years now and know him not only as a wonderful photographer but as an awesome guy with a great sense of humor. You'll notice on his site that he hasn't "blogged" yet, but hang in there he will and we will all be blown off of our computer chairs when he does.

Most of Norm's work has been done in the United Kingdom and Ireland. He includes a bit of history and of his experience with each photo featured in his gallery. Of course, choosing a photograph to go along with this review has been a very difficult choice. This one I had chose because I admire Norm's ability and talent when working with lighting in his photography. He is amazing!

Congratulation to Norm for being a Mix Pix winner. Make sure to pay Norm a visit and tell him how wonderful he is. Thanks Norm. -Mix
posted by Margaret @ 11:23 AM  
  • At 4:22 AM, Anonymous Suby said…

    Very good blog you have here. Please keep up the good work. Always nice to see someone recognising the hard work photo bloggers put into their "art" :)


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