Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Nancyland, Vancouver Foodie Fun!
This is simply a journal of my food adventures, mainly in Vancouver, BC. Basically, a place for me to live out my long-time fantasy of being a restaurant reviewer. I hope that readers will find the reviews useful. I will include random bits about other foodie adventures like grocery and cookware shopping, cooking/baking projects, cooking classes, and eventually I will add a cartoon "The Adventures of Ha Gow" my little Chinese dim sum shrimp-filled dumpling dude. Foodies of the city, unite!

Visit Nancyland, our first Mix Pix Foodie Award winner! Here she shares reviews of restaurants in the Vancouver area as well as everything else Foodie. Often sharing photos of the wonderful cuisine and certainly a blog that will make you hungry just by reading.

When is Multi-grain bread really multi-grain? Here our blogger lets us know the finer details of shopping for bread and advises us to stay clear of the squishy loafs. I love how she vividly tells us of her experience eating outside on the patio overlooking Horseshoe Bay. So much so I'm longing to go!!

For a variety of Foodie adventures, from restaurants, recipes and grocery options be sure to visit Nancyland for a wonderful take on food. Congratulations Mix Pix Winner! -Mix
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