Saturday, July 08, 2006
Suby & Sin's House
Visit the home of Suby & Sin to enjoy a great collection photographs. They did not enter themselves in this contest nor were they nominated - it is all of my fault this time folks. I can't let this wonderful photoblog slip by unnoticed. In a team effort Suby & Sin bring us gorgeous shots, many of people; capturing the moments and the faces of life in motion.

Not only do they share super people shots, but gorgeous architecture, nature and animals are tossed in also. I love the Tuxedo Kitty and his awesome expression. Can you see how thrilled he seems to be about being in focus? Of course not, yet you can almost hear him saying, "Hey there. I'm a professional pouncer. I am the expert on sneak and capture. Who are you trying to fool here?" The character of Tuxedo Kitty has so much character and I love it.

Makes me think, we need to tie a small camera to his collar and see how kitty looks at things.

A big hurray to Suby & Sin for being our next Mix Pix Award winners! Unexpectetly of course, but like a few other blogs I have reviewed, I cannot let this one slip by unnoticed. Great work guys! -Mix
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