Thursday, July 20, 2006
Anything With Cheese
"I'm a culinary student embarking on a new life adventure. After a few years in the corporate world, I'm finally pursuing my dream of becoming a chef. No doubt I will have many stories to share as I put on my chef coat and hat and get to chopping. "

Meet Allison from Anything With Cheese a culinary student sharing her Foodie Adventures. The Post Sweetbread Prep had me laughing and loosing my lunch. I thought biology class was bad!! The very idea of eating let alone preparing Thymus sounds scary, but as this weblog title suggests... Anything with Cheese!! (Ketchup won't hurt either.)

I never gave it a thought that although I enjoy cooking and consider myself a Foodie - that in culinary school and in the Chef world, you can be forced to prepare meals and dishes that don't necessarily appeal to you.

Her creativity is delicious and I even enjoy her posts about the ordinary tried and true culinary treasures, like breakfast!! With Cheese no less! Yum!

Congratulations Allison for being our next Mix Pix Foodie Blog Winner! Stay in school and let us know when you land your first big Chef gig!! -Mix
posted by Margaret @ 10:58 AM  
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