Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Acme Instant Food
The Dalai Lama said to "approach love and cooking with reckless abandon." I absolutely agree with that. I suppose it also helps to explain the mess in my kitchen.

Oh my heavens! My oven door just blew open after reading Acme Instant Food's blog. It is incredibly funny and absolutely delicious. Even if you are a person who doesn't like food (Could there be such a person?) this blog is a delight to read.

They include many scrumptious recipes just in case you have to whip up a little something for a "diner thing" you are scheduled to attend. Are kitchen disasters common in your home? Oh come on now, we all had a few! Be sure to read The Trash Compactor Files where caramels battle Global Warming.

Try out the recipe for Madonna's Discofied French Toast for breakfast. Warm up a can of soup for lunch, or not. Then get your fun on with some leftovers for supper and see what culinary Iron Chef delights Kev' and Ed can whip up for you. I'm spending forever reading this wonderful blog and getting quite hungry. I'm very tempted to move in with these guys. They are awesome Foodies!

Congratulations to Acme Instant Food for being our next Mix Pix Award winner for completely satisfying us with their incredible spreads. (<----insert Food Porn here.) -Mix
posted by Margaret @ 11:56 AM  
  • At 12:45 AM, Blogger Acme Instant Food said…

    Margaret! Wow--thanks for such nice words. I might as well pack it up now 'cause nobody will ever use a keyboard to tap out such praise of my silliness again (where do I send the check?)

    That was lots of fun and thanks again for the award. *blushing*

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