Sunday, July 23, 2006
Spicy Pepperry Muses
"Though my day job is for Microsoft, my real passion lies with food. its a dream i've never followed professionally but one i'm always magnetically attracted towards. i love to eat and cook good food, always bond instantly with foodies & read 'foodie' books/mags all the time. i categorize myself as a 'discerning' foodie though - one that goes after the best quality, made from scratch food. no deep fried food in lard for me."

"Seattle Foodie is inspired by spices, ponders and rambles about all things spicy." and is our next Mix Pix Foodie Blog Award Winner. Her posts are full of wonderful foodie delights for the sweet tooth and chocoholic to some mouth watering vegetarian dishes. My tummy is growling just reviewing this blog!

On a current post she shares a recipe for Rhubarb and Peach Walnut Crumble mixing sweet with spice, or has Seattle Foodie so says, "You need the ying & the yang". This recipe is going to certainly smell up my kitchen in the next few weeks, especially with Rhubarb and Peaches in season.

She also shares a variety of Cuisines from Bengali, Brussels, India and Mom's recipes, which are always tried and true favorites. Thank you and Congratulations to Seattle Foodie for sharing her fabulous foodie thoughts! -Mix
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