Sunday, July 23, 2006
Foodie Chickie
"I am a happily married New Yorker in my early thirties. I enjoy cooking(though I have my good attempts and bad attempts), trying different foods... "

Come by and visit Foodie Chickie for a variety of food, recipes, blogging and information in the grand ole' world of culinary delights. Currently she has featured some simple meals such as Welsh Rarebit and Bird in the Hole. Two great dishes, for breakfast or a late night foodie attack.

She also shares her experience and links to recipes at her local NY restaurants including Australian Meat Pies! So yummy and I have to try making this at home. Our feature photo here is of Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls). As an advid lover of Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi - this recipe really tickles my taste buds and is indeed a must try at home. Thanks Foodie Chickie!

I love this Foodie Blog because it is about a "Foodie" not just the Food. She shares experiences, ideas and thoughts as well as announcing open season on tropical fruits and sharing a grocery store discovery. Along her sidebar you will find a wonderful list of links that she shares and it turns out, Foodie Chick is also very crafty! Be sure to check out her country style frames, wreathes and pots.

A big hearty Congratulations to Foodie Chick for being our next Mix Pix Foodie-blog winner! -Mix
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