Thursday, July 27, 2006
Kitchen Latin
For our next nominee, here is a wonderful Foodie-blog from Germany called Kitchen Latin. Most posts are written in English but please feel free to use the Alta-Vista Babelfish to translate the entire blog for recipes and some wonderful recipe and kitchen help tips.

She shares everything from golden brown and flaky Chilean Empanadas to our feature photo of Buttermilk Jelly with Currants. If you are in the mood for daring to try something different. Kitchen Latin is a wonderful place to begin.

There are some wonderful Summer drinks and recipes that would surely cool off our hottest afternoons. As well as a delightful Rosemary flatbread that is surely tempting me to get off my computer and head on over to the kitchen and try my hand at this. Can't you just smell it baking right from your monitors? Okay, maybe not but virtual sniff of these wonderful creations would be an interesting technical concept if ever developed.

The Summer Pudding is also a winning recipe and very different. I just love berries and cherries and this looks so refreshing. Then of course there is the most minty refreshing recipe in her current post of homemade mint ice cream with chocolate.

Congratulations Kitchen Latin for winning our next Mix Pix Foodie-Blog award. Thank you for sharing your culinary delights and wonders. -Mix
posted by Margaret @ 5:03 PM  
  • At 11:58 AM, Anonymous ostwestwind said…

    Thank you for nominating me. Off coarse I am interested in the codes for the award chicklet and buttons. I am still on vacation now, but please email the codes to ostwestwind(at)yahoo(dot)de

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