Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Bay Area Burgers
Whoever loves Burgers raise your hand! For our next Mix Pix Foodie-blog winner take a peek over at Bay Area Burgers. If you live in the Oakland, CA area or are planning to visit San Francisco - here is your first stop for an awesome Burger Tour.

You can count on the straight up 411 when it comes to a good burger vs. bad burger. This blogger shares his utter disappointments as well as his beefy-licious finds. The Spazio Burger may leave you feeling flat and lunch at the Burger Joint could leave a person with cotton mouth because it is so dry.

Be certain to check out Luka's Sunday Soul Brunch and enjoy the rare burger that is so alive, I fear it may moooove off the plate. Just joking and a bad groaner joke at that, but a delicious burger photo and tasty blog experience.

However, speaking of groaning my tummy is growling like there is no tomorrow after reading this blogger's review on My Big Ass (Burger) from Brickhouse Cafe & Bar. You will so enjoy reading this post as well as the others that you'll be left full and plenty satisfied.

Congratulations to Bay Area Burgers for having an Award Winning Foodie-Blog! I'm off to Hardee's for some Angus Beef!
posted by Margaret @ 7:18 PM  
  • At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Laurie said…

    I should not have stopped in to look when I was hungry...because now I am REALLY hungry...is it time to eat yet...Oh my it is!

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