Sunday, April 30, 2006
Hip Momma
I love this Mom's blog design. It's mellow, funky and feminine. Most of all, just like it's title suggests it is "Hip" and this Momma's got it all going on.

As a single Mother who is working, going to school and trying to keep it all together she suggests she's a terrible blogger. I'm amazed she even finds any time at all to sign on and rant a few lines. Yet here she is making much needed time for herself and others by sharing her thoughts. Amazing.

My Aunt who was a single mother of two - had explained single motherhood to me like this:

"It's great because you get to grow-up with your kids."

Take it from an ex-kid who had grown-up, know-it-all parents (whom I adore greatly by the way), having a Hip Mom must be the be all end all. The only problematic outlook I can see from a kid's point of view would be the fact that Mom is on the ball and is on to my tricks. From a Mother point of view - that's a great thing.

To this Mom who blogs I present the "Mix Pix Award". I wish I had a Supermom button and a gift certificate for a day at the spa to give away; for this Mom deserves it.

Congratulations Hip Momma. -Mix
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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Natalie News
Okay everyone, at the count of three let's all say "Awwwwwww" together.





This Mom Blogs to share her daughter's pictures and progress with family and friends who live out-of-state. Something I'm very familiar with as our closest family member is well over 800 miles away. I better update photos and happenings often or else I'm going to hear about it. What is so wonderful about this, is that our kids aren't just "our kids." They are someone's nieces, nephew, grandchildren and god-children. While our kids mean the world to us, they also brighten up the world of others who love them so dearly.

This Mom's biggest challenge in becoming a new mother is the fact she has returned to work. She's found a new longing for the weekends because she gets to spend more time with her daughter. How can anyone blame her, just look at this adorable cutie-bug!

Yet, at the same time - returning to work has enabled this Mom to keep her own identity and has even added to her vast talents and interests. Scrapbooking just to mention one. I often spend a homesick moment and pull out one of the many boxes or scrapbooks my own Mother had put together many years ago. The memories warm me, the box of school-pictures and artwork remind me that I had a Mom who believed in me. The velvet pull-string bag full of my baby teeth make me wonder what my Mom was thinking when she felt the need to save these knarly little pearls.

Graphically, the blog design is simple - which works great and doesn't distract us from seeing the simple beauty of a new Mom proudly displaying such a cute little button.

Speaking of buttons... a sure "Mix Pix Award" for this week. Thanks Mom for sharing your precious memories. -Mix
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Friday, April 28, 2006
Demented Kisses
WARNING: This next Blog contains explicits and WILL offend someone.

Before anyone pounds me over this one, take off the Soccer Mom Sweater and hear me out for a moment.

In today's diverse society Mothers come in a variety of flavors. You don't have to acquire a license, a diploma or have a clean bill of health; physically or mentally. All that is required to be defined as a Mother - is a child.

I've mentioned "reality" in previous reviews and on this site - reality takes a different turn. Alcoholics can be and have become Mothers. Children can be and have become Alcoholics.

This Mom is documenting the struggle.

Why give her a "Mix Pix Award" you ask?

The answer is simple... I prayed last night. While doing so I was convicted of my own shortcomings. You know, those things that nobody else knows about because we never speak them. Such as my own angry thoughts during those rare times when I see my daughter as an inconvenience instead of the precious and beautiful miracle that I was blessed with.

I didn't feel guilty long, for soon I felt the heavenly hugs of an Angel's wings as my daughter came looking for me, wondering where I had gone off to. She loves me and I really do love her.

The "Mix Pix Award" is because I believe. I believe this Mom will conquer her struggles and guide many Mothers out of their own dark valleys by someday sharing the freedom that love and forgiveness can bring.

I believe in her children also, for their hugs will set her free. -Mix
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Thursday, April 27, 2006
Do You Remember your Child's first real laugh?
This isn't a blog, nor a review - instead this is a "I couldn't resist and had to share it with our Mix-Pix Moms" in our current contest.

Click here and I double-dare you not to laugh!

I laughed so hard, I cried - you know those sentimental mushy tears of rememberance thinking back to when our Kate had her first hysterical laughing fit. I miss that stage and geezu, they do grow up quickly on you.

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Ramblings of a Redneck Diva
What happens when you marry a redneck, settle down and have a few kids? It's all right here folded together and baked to perfection like a sweet potato pie!

For those of you who don't know me - I'm what they consider a "Yankee" down here in the south. A "Damn Yankee" at that, for I visited - then went back to NJ only to rent a UHaul and move south. Southern Hospitality and Comfort tend to grow on a gal and before you know it - you are full of charm.

Dare I say this site is "reality" at it's finest. I also; left the laundry room yesterday afternoon empty - so what on God's green earth had happened since then? Buying Bras? You mean it is possible to do that as a Mom? This Mom has found a way....

...and has found a way to be nominated for a Mix-Pix-Award!

The Template is also sexy and fun. This Mom is "barefootin' it" Bloggy Style. I get a funny feeling this Mom literally "lassos" her kids in for suppertime, but hey... if it works, go for it!

This Mom is creative from her writing style and humor, to the solutions to the concerns of raising kids. Above all, she's lovin' them up... and letting them love life up. That's....

...beautiful!! -Mix
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Mama Drama
This Blog features a group of five Mommies, teaming up together to offer sound, encouraging and humorous prospectives concerning the trials of Motherhood. Their children range in age from newborns to teenagers; offering up a little something for every Mom who visits this site.

They share everything from "sweeping swooning teenagers off their porch-steps", mopping up spills and sleepless nights of worries and concerns. Teamwork at it's finest, with five creative, caring, intelligent and cultured Moms to help guide us through the worst of times and smile with the best.

As for the blog design, they seem to be on a typical local host that probably doesn't offer the quirks, smirks and 'my-space' goodies that many other blogging hosts offer. However, it's professional - clean and up-front. Searching the sidebar and archives is simple and there is a minimal commercial use of this site. No 'pop-up' ads either, which is a great thing for me. 'Pop-Up's" wig me out. It's an old "Jack-in-the-box" phobia... don't ask me to explain it, my story may give you nightmares.

Overall, beautiful teamwork - and very entertaining writing styles all come together and make this site work. I really enjoyed reading this one. -Mix
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This Mom Blogs!
Whoever says that "Mom's who Blog" can't be cool - are missing the boat! With four kids and a set of twins to boot, this Mom has it going on and this blog is her outlet.

All too often I have seen Mom's who loose themselves and their identity in the everyday hustle and bustle of running a household and raising children. Not this Mom, she knows who she is, knows what she wants and is not afraid to be herself, let her hair down and have some fun. I love it!

Her template screams sexy and as a Mom myself about to turn 39 - sexy is in! (Well okay, I decided to raise our daughter to be a plastic surgeon so she can someday fix what pregnancy did to her Mommy for free - but that's in another 30 years from now.) The red, satin texture of the graphics keep her Hubby shouting "Hubba-Hubba" for mercy while at the same time letting her kids know, she's the coolest Mom on the block.

Amazing! Dashing! Fun! Amusing! This Mom's writing style is sure to keep you in stitches and busting your buttons. Speaking of which... This Mom Blog is worthy of a Mix-Pix Button!

Wonderful work! -Mix
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Overactive Imagination
Wow! Here's a proud Mom of 2 beautiful daughters painting up the Blogosphere with encouraging words! Another terrific writer and "Mom who Blogs" The pictures that she has shared of her daughter's recent wedding are gorgeous and I can only imagine how wonderful the wedding was for everyone.

Recently divorced and hauling it on her own and in her own style, this Mom has a great strength that is contagious. Her posts and archives share her thoughts, imagination and awkward moments. This sharing allows other women, in similar positions to build up encouragement and confidence. No matter how bad things may seem or get - you can overcome and be happy and content.

Another "Lighthouse" Blogger Template Freebie design. It is a pretty design for a Blogger Freebie but I feel that it fails to express this Mom's "go-get-em" attitude and happiness. I'd suggest for her to save her "sidebar goodies aside" and try out a new more colorful Blogger Design. There are many at the Blogger Site or take a look at these free template designs.

The only other part I would consider changing would be the Blog's Title, "Overactive Imagination".... it sends off the wrong kind of vibe. If available, try "Imagine" alone - for you're definitely a Mom who in John Lennon's words, can "Imagine" the very best for everyone who crosses your path, including yourself. A great example to your two young daughters and therefore worthy of today's "Mix Pix Award"!

Congratulations! -Mix
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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Lory's Blog
For our next pick for "Mom's who Blog" take a peek at Lory's Blog. Her writing is so colorful and detailed and if you are a Mom who blogs - you can relate on how her days have been going.

"There's a bee in the house" and I can sense the concerns of this Mom and can hear the little voices questioning about the biology of a bee. I can also sense the awe and sensation when Dad comes in and smushes the poor bee to oblivion. Dad's a hero, of course - but don't tell the bee that!

On the questions that kids ask to the "Mommy reward" of a sidewalk chalk drawing, this Mommy does rule!

Although only acquainted a year to the world of blogging, this Mom has what it takes to write. Her template is a simple Blogger-design but from the looks of her daughters sidewalk drawings - there is a "graphic artist in the making" here folks! For the way she encourages her children and centers them in her life and actions, this Mom is everything she's "chalked" up to be.

Way to go Lory! -Mix
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Monday, April 24, 2006
Sister Robin
Our Next "Mom's Who Blog" favorite is Sister Robin. A young, inspiring young Christian woman, wife and mother whom I admire greatly. I adore her not for her perfect ways but for her "all so real" experiences and willingness to remind other like minded women - how life on this blue spinning planet, isn't "heaven on earth" just yet.

Sure we have happy moments, giggles and laughs, but for each of these we all share concerns, worries and heartaches. Ooops, did I forget to mention "responsibilities?" Mother's have a variety of responsibilities, from the small ones such as doing dishes, laundry and preparing bubble baths to the much bigger responsibilities such as raising, guiding and protecting our children from this mean ole' planet and it's evils.

If you're a married Mom, add MORE responsibilities. If you are a Mom in College - add even more!

For a busy Mom there are many times when there isn't anyone to talk to who listens. Blogging offers an outlet for our rants and experiences. It's a journal of sorts, sharing and encouraging other Mother's that they are not alone in the best of times as well as the bad. For this openness, sincerity and willingness to share I offer Sister Robin the "Mix Pix Award".

Keep on Swimming girlfriend! -Mix
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Sunday, April 23, 2006
Stupidity Irks Me
Although this blog doesn't mention much about Motherhood, it is kept by a "Mom who Blogs". I absolutely love her sense of humor towards the everyday "Darwin Award Winning" news-makers. You know the type, the kind that never ever employ the Common Sisters: "Common Sense and Common Courtesy."

The template is simple, vanilla in flavor - yet light, easy to read. It perhaps could use a little graphic here and there and a eye-catching but not eye-bugging script of sorts to give it a little umph. Then again, I'm left to wonder, "How does one graphically depict another's stupidity?" Very carefully I would suggest - as to not look silly yourself. (As I do for example - but I'm certifiably crazy, no excuses for me to make in that department!)

Overall, the creative - fun and enlightening writing of this Mom makes this Blog a sure winner. Too often, our daily news is full of grief, sadness and strife. Being able to look at things in an entertaining light and not give up hope for all humanity - but instead to share, as this Mom does. Is worthy of a Mix-Pix Award!

Congratulations! -Mix
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Saturday, April 22, 2006
The Mommy Files
Congratulations to our first award winner of the "Mom's Who Blog" contest!

I have chosen this site for many reasons: The site design is simple and yet elegant. The color pink is subtly used and not reminiscent of Lucille Ball's lipstick, unlike other "pink blogs" I have come across. The translucent screening over the blog and sidebar is one of my favorite effects. The borders and title bars are soft and delicate. Amazing graphic work and design!

Above all, I love this Mom's creative writing, humor and style!. She truly reflects the joys as well as the lovable mishaps that Motherhood brings. Not to mention having a 4 year old, newborn and the ability to find time to sneak in a blog-post - is amazing to say the least.

Congratulations again to not only a great Blogger - but a wonderful Mommy! -Mix
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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Do You Have Issues?

Do you have issues?

If so, here's a Quarter -

write in and tell us about it!


Your Issue:

Return to "Do You Have Issues" Home

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