Saturday, July 29, 2006
I Eat Meat
Perhaps this isnt' a foodie-blog per se, but here is a great guy who loves to play with his food! Meet Patrick Moser the famous Pumpkin Carver and venture into his world of meat!!

Now of course, if you are a Vegan you may feel a tad bit offended - so please, visit his Pumpkins instead. However for the carnivores out there come and take a peek at some holiday "Meatmas" surprises that Patrick loves to cook up for the holidays.

Patrick is a diabetic so his diet is strictly limited to refraining from refined carbs, flours and sugars. Meat is virtually carbless and a Joy to this Foodie. Can you imagine a basil herbed sausage stuffed roaster draped in dripping bacon slices?

From making chickens dance to dangling their legs in a makeshift rotisserie seasoned with Lemon Pepper, Patrick has brought the talent of grilling and roasting to new never seen before levels. Just as he does with his amazing Grumpkins.

Congratulations Patrick for being a Foodie Winner even without a blog! Stop on by everyone and send Patrick a great big jolly hello. -Mix
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Thursday, July 27, 2006
Kitchen Latin
For our next nominee, here is a wonderful Foodie-blog from Germany called Kitchen Latin. Most posts are written in English but please feel free to use the Alta-Vista Babelfish to translate the entire blog for recipes and some wonderful recipe and kitchen help tips.

She shares everything from golden brown and flaky Chilean Empanadas to our feature photo of Buttermilk Jelly with Currants. If you are in the mood for daring to try something different. Kitchen Latin is a wonderful place to begin.

There are some wonderful Summer drinks and recipes that would surely cool off our hottest afternoons. As well as a delightful Rosemary flatbread that is surely tempting me to get off my computer and head on over to the kitchen and try my hand at this. Can't you just smell it baking right from your monitors? Okay, maybe not but virtual sniff of these wonderful creations would be an interesting technical concept if ever developed.

The Summer Pudding is also a winning recipe and very different. I just love berries and cherries and this looks so refreshing. Then of course there is the most minty refreshing recipe in her current post of homemade mint ice cream with chocolate.

Congratulations Kitchen Latin for winning our next Mix Pix Foodie-Blog award. Thank you for sharing your culinary delights and wonders. -Mix
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Acme Instant Food
The Dalai Lama said to "approach love and cooking with reckless abandon." I absolutely agree with that. I suppose it also helps to explain the mess in my kitchen.

Oh my heavens! My oven door just blew open after reading Acme Instant Food's blog. It is incredibly funny and absolutely delicious. Even if you are a person who doesn't like food (Could there be such a person?) this blog is a delight to read.

They include many scrumptious recipes just in case you have to whip up a little something for a "diner thing" you are scheduled to attend. Are kitchen disasters common in your home? Oh come on now, we all had a few! Be sure to read The Trash Compactor Files where caramels battle Global Warming.

Try out the recipe for Madonna's Discofied French Toast for breakfast. Warm up a can of soup for lunch, or not. Then get your fun on with some leftovers for supper and see what culinary Iron Chef delights Kev' and Ed can whip up for you. I'm spending forever reading this wonderful blog and getting quite hungry. I'm very tempted to move in with these guys. They are awesome Foodies!

Congratulations to Acme Instant Food for being our next Mix Pix Award winner for completely satisfying us with their incredible spreads. (<----insert Food Porn here.) -Mix
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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Spicy Pepperry Muses
"Though my day job is for Microsoft, my real passion lies with food. its a dream i've never followed professionally but one i'm always magnetically attracted towards. i love to eat and cook good food, always bond instantly with foodies & read 'foodie' books/mags all the time. i categorize myself as a 'discerning' foodie though - one that goes after the best quality, made from scratch food. no deep fried food in lard for me."

"Seattle Foodie is inspired by spices, ponders and rambles about all things spicy." and is our next Mix Pix Foodie Blog Award Winner. Her posts are full of wonderful foodie delights for the sweet tooth and chocoholic to some mouth watering vegetarian dishes. My tummy is growling just reviewing this blog!

On a current post she shares a recipe for Rhubarb and Peach Walnut Crumble mixing sweet with spice, or has Seattle Foodie so says, "You need the ying & the yang". This recipe is going to certainly smell up my kitchen in the next few weeks, especially with Rhubarb and Peaches in season.

She also shares a variety of Cuisines from Bengali, Brussels, India and Mom's recipes, which are always tried and true favorites. Thank you and Congratulations to Seattle Foodie for sharing her fabulous foodie thoughts! -Mix
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Foodie Chickie
"I am a happily married New Yorker in my early thirties. I enjoy cooking(though I have my good attempts and bad attempts), trying different foods... "

Come by and visit Foodie Chickie for a variety of food, recipes, blogging and information in the grand ole' world of culinary delights. Currently she has featured some simple meals such as Welsh Rarebit and Bird in the Hole. Two great dishes, for breakfast or a late night foodie attack.

She also shares her experience and links to recipes at her local NY restaurants including Australian Meat Pies! So yummy and I have to try making this at home. Our feature photo here is of Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls). As an advid lover of Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi - this recipe really tickles my taste buds and is indeed a must try at home. Thanks Foodie Chickie!

I love this Foodie Blog because it is about a "Foodie" not just the Food. She shares experiences, ideas and thoughts as well as announcing open season on tropical fruits and sharing a grocery store discovery. Along her sidebar you will find a wonderful list of links that she shares and it turns out, Foodie Chick is also very crafty! Be sure to check out her country style frames, wreathes and pots.

A big hearty Congratulations to Foodie Chick for being our next Mix Pix Foodie-blog winner! -Mix
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Thursday, July 20, 2006
Anything With Cheese
"I'm a culinary student embarking on a new life adventure. After a few years in the corporate world, I'm finally pursuing my dream of becoming a chef. No doubt I will have many stories to share as I put on my chef coat and hat and get to chopping. "

Meet Allison from Anything With Cheese a culinary student sharing her Foodie Adventures. The Post Sweetbread Prep had me laughing and loosing my lunch. I thought biology class was bad!! The very idea of eating let alone preparing Thymus sounds scary, but as this weblog title suggests... Anything with Cheese!! (Ketchup won't hurt either.)

I never gave it a thought that although I enjoy cooking and consider myself a Foodie - that in culinary school and in the Chef world, you can be forced to prepare meals and dishes that don't necessarily appeal to you.

Her creativity is delicious and I even enjoy her posts about the ordinary tried and true culinary treasures, like breakfast!! With Cheese no less! Yum!

Congratulations Allison for being our next Mix Pix Foodie Blog Winner! Stay in school and let us know when you land your first big Chef gig!! -Mix
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
Raving Foodie
"An on-again-off-again exploration of food and its friends. Spending a year now writing about and photographing the yum that is daily life."

My oh my, I'm already starting to regret running a Foodie-Blog contest - these entries are amazing, including our new Mix Pix Winner, Raving Foodie. I'm sooooo hungry just looking.

From mixed drinks, pizza, pasta, sushi and fish - this Foodie covers it all so delightfully! I have to hand an award over just for the ability to make such perfect sushi and nigiri! How do you do it? What a wonderful summertime meal that is light and filling. This blogger is on time when said, "Those who don't barbeque, do sushi."

The Reubenesque on Broadway has me cramming to find a recipe to recreate this at home. Can I do it? In the south where corned beef is hard to come by? Oh yes I can and will. I can taste the meal just by looking at it here.

Congratulations to Raving Foodie and thanks for sharing the Yum!!! -Mix
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Nancyland, Vancouver Foodie Fun!
This is simply a journal of my food adventures, mainly in Vancouver, BC. Basically, a place for me to live out my long-time fantasy of being a restaurant reviewer. I hope that readers will find the reviews useful. I will include random bits about other foodie adventures like grocery and cookware shopping, cooking/baking projects, cooking classes, and eventually I will add a cartoon "The Adventures of Ha Gow" my little Chinese dim sum shrimp-filled dumpling dude. Foodies of the city, unite!

Visit Nancyland, our first Mix Pix Foodie Award winner! Here she shares reviews of restaurants in the Vancouver area as well as everything else Foodie. Often sharing photos of the wonderful cuisine and certainly a blog that will make you hungry just by reading.

When is Multi-grain bread really multi-grain? Here our blogger lets us know the finer details of shopping for bread and advises us to stay clear of the squishy loafs. I love how she vividly tells us of her experience eating outside on the patio overlooking Horseshoe Bay. So much so I'm longing to go!!

For a variety of Foodie adventures, from restaurants, recipes and grocery options be sure to visit Nancyland for a wonderful take on food. Congratulations Mix Pix Winner! -Mix
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Sunday, July 16, 2006
Mix Pix Foodie Blog Awards Contest
ATTENTION all Foodie's! Does your Weblog heat up your kitchen with recipes, disasters and cooking hints? Perhaps you are a Chef or an ordinary homemaker trying to come up with creative dishes to satisfy your palate or a BarBQ Grillmaster. It's time to show us what you got a cookin'!

To Enter the Contest or to nominate a site, simply fill out the form in the sidebar or send me an email at Margiemix at Please be sure to include the web address to the blog being submitted. Entrees will be judged in a positive light on content and design.

Contest ends: "Sunday - August 13, 2006."

Winners will be given a "Mix Pix Foodie Blogger Award" and recognition here and throughout the blogosphere. All encouraged to apply!
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Mix Pix Photoblog Winners
A big congratulations to all our Mix Pix Photoblog winners! Your photos were delightful, creative and I had a wonderful time visiting. As I am sure the same experience will be enjoyed by others. Be sure to visit these wonderful photographers! Thank you to everyone who participated. -Mix

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For our final Mix Pix Photoblog Award winner stop by and visit K&W for a wonderful collage of photos to enjoy. Some great shots of people, capturing their smiles, joy and in the act that are marvelous! You can feel the excitement of a Mom to be and be sure to top by and catch the link to see the adorable result of these photographers 9 month project.

Amazing architectural shots of historical sites revealing the awesome art, taste and style of history gone by. A few botanicals tossed here and about, each more breathtaking than the last!

Congratulations K&W as photographers and new parents! She is so precious and you don't want to miss a second, keep the camera clicking our precious little ones have a knack at growing up right under our noses! -Mix
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Sunday, July 09, 2006
Our next Photoblog Winner is Rohit Mattoo from Edinburgh, Scotland. Here you will find a treasure chest of amazing talent and photos from a variety of Categories from abstract to sepia. Yet again I am having a difficult time choosing just one of them to feature next to this review. I love all of them!

I usually favor the natural but here I am absolutely blown away by Rohit's Abstract Photography. He has a wonderful eye for geometrics that makes these finished photos absolutely hypnotizing. I can stare at these for hours on end they are so gorgeous.

You will fall in love with Rohit's photos of people and portraits. Snatching a moment in time and oddly enough, he seems to capture their thoughts right at that particular moment if you look closely enough.

You definitely won't want to miss out on his Architecture shots either, here you will find some incredible architecture beautiful in it's own right, and absolutely breathtaking when Rohit brings forward their details.

Congratulations Rohit, for EYESPEAK being our next Mix Pix Award winner. Great job! -Mix
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Daily Pictures from South Africa
"This is a blog about Bloemfontein, otherwise known as the "City of Roses". It is situated in Central South Africa, in a province called the Free State. We are not close to the ocean, so my pics will be about city life!"

Meet Marieta and Dawn , sharing the rich beauty and culture of South Africa in their delightful Photoblog. One of my favorite photos would be the one featured here of handsome Fred, sitting on his lazy chair as the sun beams seem to magnify his royal disposition. Of course, I am biased as I own two such creatures myself and have never met a basset hound that I didn't love dearly.

The photos are capturing of the South African culture and spirit, each in their own way dragging us in to experience the richness of South Africa. From city life and rainbows, markets and wrestling merecats - Marieta and Dawn succeed by inviting us to share in the daily life of their country.

Congratulations for being our next Mix Pix Photoblog award winners! Make sure to stop in and visit there are many treasures to be found here. -Mix
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Saturday, July 08, 2006
Suby & Sin's House
Visit the home of Suby & Sin to enjoy a great collection photographs. They did not enter themselves in this contest nor were they nominated - it is all of my fault this time folks. I can't let this wonderful photoblog slip by unnoticed. In a team effort Suby & Sin bring us gorgeous shots, many of people; capturing the moments and the faces of life in motion.

Not only do they share super people shots, but gorgeous architecture, nature and animals are tossed in also. I love the Tuxedo Kitty and his awesome expression. Can you see how thrilled he seems to be about being in focus? Of course not, yet you can almost hear him saying, "Hey there. I'm a professional pouncer. I am the expert on sneak and capture. Who are you trying to fool here?" The character of Tuxedo Kitty has so much character and I love it.

Makes me think, we need to tie a small camera to his collar and see how kitty looks at things.

A big hurray to Suby & Sin for being our next Mix Pix Award winners! Unexpectetly of course, but like a few other blogs I have reviewed, I cannot let this one slip by unnoticed. Great work guys! -Mix
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Picturing the world
"My name is Linus. I'm a young Swedish university student trying to get a grip on the world. Pictures, rhymes and poems help with that. Let's see where it all leads. I'll be glad to have you with me."

Our next Mix Pix Photoblog winner is an amazing photographer, poet and philosopher. His amazing photos are not only professional they challenge us - to look deeper and to interact. My favorite aspect of photography is the capturing of character, as I may have mentioned here before. Seeing the spunk of a kitten, the inquisitiveness of an opening flower or the shadows of a society. Many photos have character and the challenge is to bring that forward.

Yet here while enjoying the Photography of Linus, I found a remarkable and distinctive aspect. While looking into many of his photographs you will soon see that it was he, that captured your own character. They remind us of who we are and shines light on our prospectives.

I am almost certain that we will soon be seeing more of Linus in the near future in the professional world. Until then, hurry up and visit this up and coming professional now, while he is a "young 'un trying to get a grip on what's going on." Congratulations Linus, for winning the next Mix Pix Award. -Mix
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
picturejockey dot com

For certain photography by a professional graphic designer would have to be incredible and here, Navin Harrish does not disappoint us with his Photoblog. If you love rainy days as much as I do, be sure not to miss his latest gallery on the good, the bad and the downright ugly for some soggy but amazing photography.

I was very intrigued by his post "Charms" where Navin stumbles across a cigarette pack nestled in between a few rocks. Returning the next day he captures it and a message that is up to you, the viewer, to digress. His photography seems to make us think, remember and often dream. I absolutely love this angle while viewing photography.

Be sure to visit his archived collections also. I have always been fascinated with the cultures of India, the beautiful architecture and arts are so deep rooted in a history of inspiration. To see the effects of the modern world embraced by this gorgeous country will also leave you in wonder and awe.

Every now and then you'll run across a photo of his darling son, Manu. Let there be no doubt Navin's boy is a genius as he attempts to run away wearing Daddy's shoes. A real cutie for sure. Speaking of capturing people, this is also an aspect that Navin does very well.

Thank you Navin, for sharing your award winning world with us. Incredible! -Mix
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"Greetings from the Kingdom of Kernow. Come, taste my pictures"

For our next Mix Pix Photoblog Award winner meet MrC. Many of his wonderful shots are directly from nature and MrC has the eye to spot the awesome way that nature reveals itself.

One thing I have really enjoyed by reviewing Photoblogs would be that I get the same exhilarating enchantment that comes with taking a walk with my 3 year old daughter. She often stops, short and in front of me to examine something she finds interesting. If I manage to not trip and fall over her and if I'm not rushed or in a hurry - I can stoop right down and explore with her.

MrC offers a short description of his photo as well as the things he had done to enhance the photograph. Often he'll tweak the colors or saturation, but just as often he submits a photo in it's purest form. Au natural. He has captured some incredible sunrises and sunsets that will leave you breathless just as he has left the photo untouched. You can feel the warmth of the sun rising just by viewing the photo.

Monochrome shots with just a splash of color are becoming quite common and also becoming a favorite of mine. MrC has brought this to an artform - in just the right style and subtle way. His work is fabulous through his abstracts to his nature shots. For having many photographic talents, let us congratulate MrC for being our next Mix Pix Award Winner.
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Monday, July 03, 2006
A Little Piece of the World
"A Little Piece of the World ...shown in an occasional photo or haiku."

Introducing Faustina at A Little Piece of the World. Faustina lives in a rural part of Georgia in the United States. Here is where she shares pictures and haiku of everyday things in her little piece of the world..

Her gallery of black and whites are astounding and her talent of editing is perfected in this gorgeous photoblog of people, places and things. In particular I love her gallery of Sky Photos, but of course - I adore cloudage and here she captures a few magical heavenly scenery that will leave her readers in awe.

Her poetry through haiku shared here corresponds with the photograph she is sharing and is excellently written. Expressing her emotions and the photo's character in just a few short syllables.

A big hurray to Faustina for being our next Mix-Pix Award winner! Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us all. -Mix
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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Urban Space
"Photos of my life- i am a wife, a mother, a gardener, a photographer, an artist, living on a green corner in the concrete jungle - trying to stay creative and sane (one day at a time) i have friends and family who -live near and far... and this is space to share pieces of my life, small inspirations, with them wherever they may be...i am not big on writing but i do enjoy posting photos."

Here is a wonderful photoblog by Sandi capturing the whispers, wonders and beauty in an urban space. She has also submitted a prize photo "Connected" to the Red Thread Project that is currently being auctioned off here at eBay! A beautiful photo for a wonderful cause. Please, if you have the means come bid on her photo, it is for a very good cause.

The Red Thread Project is a unique celebration of our interconnectedness as human beings. The people of Grand Rapids have created nearly 2,000 hats to be connected to a red cord and worn in a large-scale public performance. After the final performance and exhibition, the hats will be disconnected and donated to Lacks Cancer Institute at St. Mary’s and Gilda’s Club.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break.
Chinese Proverb

Congratulations Sandi for being our next Mix-Pix Photoblog award winner! Way to go!
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